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        After-finishing auxiliary agent
        After-finishing auxiliary agent

        After-finishing auxiliary agent

        Name Appearance Ionicity Application Reference dosage Packing
        HS-22Softening agent HS-22 Liquid Cation Washable, anti-static, soft, fluffy, mainly used for after-finishing of acrylic fibers; 3-5%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-23Softening agent HS-23 Liquid Weak cation Excellent softness, smoothness and resilience; used for after-finishing of cotton and velvet and other fabrics; 3-5%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-25Softening agent HS-25 Liquid Cation Excellent softness and fluffy effect, mainly used for fabrics as cotton and chemical fiber etc. 3-5%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-26Softening agent HS-26 Liquid Weak cation Decreasing yellowing, soft, no produce of white powder; mainly used for after-finishing of cotton fabrics and cone yarn etc; 3-5%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-27Softening agent HS-27 Liquid Non-ionic Hydrophilic, anti-static, excellent softness and fluffiness, effective prevention of pin holes on T/C fabric 3-5%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-28Softening agent HS-28 Liquid Non-ionic Fabrics being plump, soft, no yellowing and water absorbing; used for after-finishing process after pad dyeing of cotton and terylene cotton; 30-50g/l 125kg/Plastic drum
        ROSoftening agent RO Liquid Cation Fluffy, soft and smooth; used for softening treatment of wools, acrylic fabric and wool acrylic fabric etc. 3-5%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        Bleaching softening agent Liquid Weak cation Fluffy when touched by hand, soft, no yellowing; used for after-finishing of cotton, hemp, wool, silk and other bleached fabrics; 1-3%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        Bleaching smoothening agent Liquid Weak cation Smooth by hand touch, less color change; used for after-finishing of cotton, hemp and silk after bleaching; 1-3%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-6187Softening agent for mercerized wool HS-6187 Liquid Weak cation Excellent softness and smoothness, high absorbing ability, less color change; used for softening treatment of mercerized wool and mercerized wool acrylic fabrics. 2-4%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-260Smoothening agent for mercerized wool HS-260 Liquid Weak cation Excellent smoothness, high absorbing ability, less color change, sound color gloss; used for smoothening treatment of mercerized wool and mercerized wool acrylic fabrics; 2-4%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-6188Softening agent for mercerized cotton HS-6188 Liquid Weak cation Soft, smooth; obvious results when used for softening treatment of cotton after mercerizing; 1-3%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-261Smoothening agent for mercerized cotton HS-261 Liquid Weak cation For hand-feeling finishing of the cotton yarn after mercerizing with spectacular smoothness efficiency. 1-3%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-6189Super soft amino-silicone micro-emulsion HS-6189 Liquid Weak cation Soft with high resilience; used for after-finishing of cotton and chemical fiber etc. 1-3%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-6185Super smooth amino-silicone micro-emulsion HS-6185 Liquid Weak cation Excellent gloss, smoothness and resilience; used for after-finishing of cotton and chemical fiber etc. 1-3%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-265Weak cation softening and smoothening agent HS-265 Liquid Weak cation Anti-static, soft, smooth and high resilience; used for after-finishing treatment of wool acrylic fabrics and acrylic fabrics; 1-3%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HGFinishing agent for fabric HG Liquid Non-ionic No floating oil, no roller sticking, no silicon oil marks, low yellowing, high-temperature resistant, caustic resistant, soft, fluffy, hydrophilic, excellent restoration; mainly used for after-finishing of the pad dyeing; 10-20g/l 125kg/Plastic drum
        Hydrophilic softening agent Liquid Non-ionic Low yellowing, soft, fluffy, hydrophilic, good restoration; used for after-treatment of towel and others which requires hydrophilic 2-3%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-220Fluffing agent HS-220 Liquid Cation Fluffy, soft, smooth and high resilience; to improve the evenness of the fluffy 3-5%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        Sueding oil Liquid Weak cation Fluffy, soft, good hydrophilism; mainly used treatment before sueding or used for treatment after dyeing. 20-30g/l 125kg/Plastic drum
        Fluffing agent Liquid Cation Fluffy, sueding, soft, thickening; used for after-finishing of acrylic, wool, cotton, terylene/cotton and wool/terylene ; 3-5%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-4000Waterproofing agent HS-4000 Liquid Weak cation Used for water and oil proofing finishing of different synthetic fiber; less impact on the color gloss and fastness; give fabric super softness; 30-50g/l 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-840Waterproofing and oil-proofing agent HS-840 Liquid Weak cation Excellent oil and water repelling and softening treatment for natural fibers and blended fabrics with no impact on color gloss and color fastness 30-50g/l 125kg/Plastic drum
        TNAntistatic agent TN Liquid Non-ionic Excellent antistatic, moisture-absorbing and electric conductivity; increase of the sueding of the fabrics by more than 0.5 class; no yellowing and color changing to the fabrics; used for antistatic treatment of terylene and blended fabrics; 3-5%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        SNAntistatic agent SN Liquid Cation Mainly used for antistatic treatment for acrylic fibers and wool/acrylic blended fabrics etc; soft when touched by hand and fluffy; 3-5%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-262Brightening agent HS-262 Liquid Weak cation Deep dye penetration, color brightening and smoothness, no impact on the fastness of dyed fabrics; no change to the original color light; improve the breaking strength, wear strength and durability of the resin processed cotton fabrics; used for dipping; 浸5-8(o.w.f) 軋40-50g/l 125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-263Polishing agent HS-263 Liquid Weak cation The HS-263 polishing agent also has excellent ability for smoothening and polishing, which can improve the hand-feeling and physical property of the fabrics at the same time; may be used for padding machine; no oil drifting or roller sticking; 20-30g/l 125kg/Plastic drum
        Anti-pinhole agent Liquid Non-ionic Special soft and plump hand-feeling when touched by hand; used for softening treatment of the yarn threads and fabrics with excellent performance in resistance to pinholes; 2-3%(o.w.f) 125kg/Plastic drum
        3226Super soft special softening agent 3226 Liquid Weak cation Excellent smoothening, fluffy and softening treatment efficiency for super soft short plush fabrics 20-50g/l 125kg/Plastic drum