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        Dyeing Agent
        Dyeing Agent

        Dyeing Agent

        Name State Ionicity Application Reference dosage  Packing
        HS-28 Super acidic color fixing agent HS-28  Liquid  Anionic Environment-friendly; no color change; no effect on color fastness from sun-shining; excellent color fastness after treatment; used for color fixing of various acidic dyestuffs 2-3%(o.w.f)  125kg /Plastic drum
        HS-50Free-formaldehyde color fixing agent HS -50  Liquid  Cation Salt resistant; no effect on hand-feeling; less color change; excellent color fastness; also improvement for fastness to wet rubbing; 0.5-2%(o.w.f)  125kg / Plastic drum
        Special color fixing agent for turquoise blue and bright blue  Liquid  Cation  Special color fixing agent especially developed for turquoise blue and bright blue dyestuffs, which are normally poor in terms of the color fastness 1-3%(o.w.f)  125kg /Plastic drum
         KLDNano color fixing agent KLD  Liquid  Cation Salt resistant; no effect on hand-feeling; less color change; excellent color fastness; obvious effect on activated bright red and black colors; 0.5-2%(o.w.f)  125kg /plastic drum
        HS-32Spun silk color fixing agent HS-32  Liquid  Cation  Improvement for the color fastness to wetting treatment as washing, perspiration and water immersion of silk threads, raw silk and spun silk etc. dyed by direct, activated or neutral dyestuff; 1-3%(o.w.f)  125kg /Plastic drum
         Nylon color fixing agent  Liquid  Anionic Effective improvement of the color fastness for nylon fibers dyed by acidic dyestuff; used for post-treatment for color-fixing and contamination-prevention of blended fabrics of nylon, cotton and viscose; 2-3%(o.w.f)  125kg /Plastic drum
        HS-267Dyeing cross linker HS-267  Liquid Weak cation The fabrics will have bright color, stable gloss, excellent applicability after being treated by this agent featuring no yellowing, no sticking on roller, soft hand-feeling and excellent color fastness. 15-30g/l  125kg /Plastic drum
        HS-266Special-effect no-foaming soaping agent HS-266  Liquid  Anionic Special effects featuring no foaming, intensive dispersing, chelating scouring and prevention of secondary sticky contamination; used in the soaping process after dyeing by activated dyestuff; 1-3g/l  125kg / Plastic drum
         HS-200Acidic leveling agent HS-200  Liquid  Non-ionic Delay the coloring of dyestuff; prevent variegated colors to wools and nylon; excellent dye leveling; used for acidic dyeing for the nylon and wool; effect of color stripping and touch-up when used much; 1-3g/l  125kg /Plastic drum
        HS-202High-temperature leveling agent HS-202  Liquid /Anionic /non-ionic Superb high-temperature dispersing, dyeing retarding and dyeing migration performances; used for dyeing of terylene and blended fabrics; 1-2g/l  125kg /Plastic drum
        HS-203High-temperature leveling agent HS -203  Liquid  Anionic  Low-foaming; Superb high-temperature dispersing, dyeing retarding and dyeing migration performances; used for dyeing of terylene and blended fabrics; 1-2g/l  125kg/ Plastic drum
         HS-204High-temperature leveling agent HS -204  Liquid  Anionic  Used for high-temperature high-pressure dyeing for terylene and blended fabrics; effective prevention of color point from aggregation of dyestuff; low-foaming, extreme less color change; 1-3%  125kg / Plastic drum
        HS-3621Leveling agent for cotton HS-3621  Liquid  Anionic  For chelating of metal ions to soften the water; preventing aggregation of dyestuff and color change; excellent emulsification and dispersing effect; improvement of the color leveling; 1-2%(o.w.f)  125kg /Plastic drum
        HS-3620Leveling agent for terylene fine fabric HS -3620  Liquid / Anionic /non-ionic Excellent performance in dyeing retarding; excellent high-temperature dispersion; less color loss, low foaming; 0.5-1.5g/l  125kg /Plastic drum
        HS-210Scour-dye one-bath degreaser HS-210  Liquid / Anionic / Non-ionic  Scour-dye one-bath for terylene and blended fabrics for removal of oil stains on the fabrics, silk and wools; preventing aggregation of dyestuffs to ensure leveled dyeing; 1-3g/l  125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-210AScour-dye one-bath degreaser HS-210A  Powder  Non-ionic  In the bath with PH closed to neutrality and weak acid, the agent not only has special effect for removal of oil stains, but also can help the desizing and whitening effect and prevent aggregation of dyestuff, which is a ideal agent for scour-dye one-bath application of terylene fabrics; 3-5g/l  25kg / Bag
        HS-211Acidic degreaser HS-211  Liquid / Anionic /non-ionic  Effective removal of serious oil stains on the fabrics under acidic conditions, especially effective for removal of the oil stains on the terylene and blended fabrics; less effect on the color gloss of the fabrics 2-3g/l  125kg /Plastic drum
        212Special degreaser and yarn remover 212  Liquid  Anionic For removal of different oil stains and fine yarns on the terylene and blended fabrics 1-5g/l  125kg /Plastic drum
         Environmental-friendly carrier  Liquid  Anionic  Used as low-temperature dyeing carrier for terylene fiber; excellent diluting stability; 1-2g/l  125kg /Plastic drum
        PANDyeing retarding agent PAN  Liquid  Cation  Temporary affinity to acrylic fibers; gradual dropping when boiling dyeing to achieve leveled dyeing efficiency; 0.5-2%(o.w.f) 50kg /Plastic drum
        HS-3622Dye-retarding agent for nylon HS-3622  Liquid  Anionic Prevent acidic dyestuff from quick dyeing and avoid horizontal stripes; used for dyeing of the nylon and wools by acidic and 1,2 type metal complexing dyestuff; 2-6%(o.w.f)  125kg / plastic drum
        Separating agent  Liquid  Non-ionic One-bath dyeing of acidic dyestuff and cation dyestuff; prevent precipitation, also used for pretreatment and scouring processes of real silk. 2.5-5%(o.w.f)  125kg /Plastic drum
        Silicon oil remover  Liquid  Non-ionic Superb ability for emulsification and degreasing with obvious efficiency for removal of oil stains, amino silicon oil and slight silicon marks on the fabrics. 1.5-2g/l  125kg /Plastic drum
        Anti-creasing lubricating agent  Viscous liquid  Anionic  Used for avoiding radial stripes, cracks and scratches and improve the operation performance; no foaming, excellent lubrication; 1-2g/l  125kg /Plastic drum
        HS-626In-bath anti-creasing agent HS-626  Viscous liquid  Non-ionic Reduce the friction between the fabrics and that between the fabric and equipment; prevent or decrease the chicken-paw folded stripe marks; 1-2g/l  125kg/ Plastic drum
         In-bath softening agent  Liquid  Non-ionic  Resistant to acid, caustic and electrolyte; excellent lubricating and softening performance; avoiding fold marks and scratches; 1-2g/l  125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-89 Organic silicon anti-foaming agent HS-89  Viscous liquid  Non-ionic  Effect for defoaming and sustainable inhibition of foams; used in fabric finishing process, also may be used in coating and paper-making process; 0.05-0.1g/l  125kg / Plastic drum
        HS-115White-background  anti-fouling agent HS-115  Liquid  Anionic Strong performance in dispersing; prevent the dropped activated dyestuff etc from contaminating the white ground; may be used in soaping and printing process; 2-3g/l  125kg /Plastic drum
        HS-116Special white-ground anti-fouling agent HS-116  Liquid  Anionic  HS-116 anti-fouling agent is the most important special detergent for the water washing, soaping of the new-generation activated dyestuff printed fabrics of our company featuring no color overlapping and protection of the white background from being contaminated bringing the white background even white and printed fabric brighter; 3-5g/l  125kg /Plastic drum
        HS-268-2Acidic soaping agent HS-268-2  Liquid  Anionic  Functions of neutralization and soaping in one bath, which contributes to reduced cleaning water amount, shortened cleaning time, decreased sewage drainage and reduced cost; 1.5-2.5g/l  125kg/ Plastic drum
        HS-269Alkali removing agent HS-269  Liquid  Anionic No foam, no taste, no volatile, less corrosion to the equipment, no damages to the fabrics; used for removing the residual alkali remained on the fabrics after neutralization dyeing process; 2-4g/l  125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-230Acid substitute HS-230  Liquid  Anionic Acid used for neutralizing the alkalinity after oxygen bleaching and dyeing featuring less smell and excellent buffering performance, which is a good substitute for glacial acetic acid; also used for neutralization of the residual alkali after mercerizing; 0.5-2g/l  125kg/ Plastic drum
        HS-318Fastness to wet rubbing improver HS-318  Liquid  Cation  Free of formaldehyde, no effect on color gloss and hand-feeling; fastness to wet rubbing increased by 0.5 -1 class; 15-30g/l  125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-368Fastness to wet rubbing improver HS-368  Liquid  Cation  Free of formaldehyde, no effect on color gloss and hand-feeling, the fastness to wet rubbing may be increased by 1-1.5 especially for brushed fabrics and corduroy; used for color-fixing finishing for fabrics dyed by activated, vulcanized and direct dyestuffs; 15-30g/l  125kg / Plastic drum
        OSBActive alkali OSB  Powder   The active dyeing color-fixing alkali may be used in place of pure alkali featuring excellent redyeing, reduced cost, environmental protection and reduction of COD and BOD in the drainage sewage; the consumption is only 1/7 -1/10 that of pure alkali and the resulted color gloss is close to that of pure alkali 1.5-4g/l  25kg / bag
        KN Alkali powder substitute KN Powder  Anionic  May be used in place of pure alkali as the color-fixing alkali for dyeing by active dyestuff; consumption is 1/7 -1/10 that of pure alkali; 1.5-4g/l  25kg /bag
        HS-238Removing color-fixing agent HS-238  Liquid  Anionic  Effective removal of various cation color fixing agents to prevent no dyeing or dyeing defect after stripping 2-3g/l  125kg/Plastic drum
        HS-301Mending agent HS-301  Liquid  Anionic  Superb migration ability; effective repair for different dye defects on the terylene and blended fabrics after dyeing; less color light change after restoration; 1-2g/l  125kg /Plastic drum
        HS-302Mending agent HS -302  Liquid  Anionic  An environmental friendly mending agent with excellent dyeing penetration and dispersion; high migration ability for dispersed dyestuff; moving the dyestuff on the fabrics from high-concentration to low-concentration under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions to ensure all parts of the fabric are evenly dyed, thus achieve the purpose of amending the dye defects. 1-2g/l  125kg/ Plastic drum