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        Tributyl Citrate
        Tributyl Citrate

        Tributyl Citrate

        Chemical information Chemical name        Tributyl Citrate (TBC)
        Synonyms          Tributyl ester; Tri-n-butyl Citrate
        CAS No.            77-94-1
        EINECS No.  201-071-2
        Molecular Formula C18H32O7
        Molecular Weight 360.44(atomic weight with five effective number provided by IUPAC in 1995)
        Boiling Point 170℃ (133.3Pa)
        Flash Point 185℃
        Technical index Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
        Color(Pt-Co) ≤ 30#
        Content,% ≥ 99.0
        Acidity(mgKOH/g) ≤ 0.2
        Water content(wt),% ≤ 0.25
        Refractive index(25o C/D) 1.443~ 1.445
        Relative density(25/25o C) 1.037~ 1.045
        Heavy metal(base on Pb) ≤ 10ppm
        Arsenic(As) ≤ 3ppm
        Property Colorless transparent oily liquid, boiling point: 170o C(133.3Pa), flash point(open):185o C. Soluble in most organic solvents. Small volatility, good compatibility with resin, good plasticization effect. Resistance to coldness, water. LD50=2900mg/kg.
        Use This product is innocuous plasticizer as replacement of phthalate plasticizers,mainly used as plasticizer of PVC, Produce food packaging material, medical products, prepare flavor, essence, soft toys for children and produce cosmetics etc…
        Packaging Standard Packaging: 200kgs Iron Drum, 1000kgs IBC or ISOTANK
        Storage Store under dry and cool condition, and keep product air-tight.
        Shelf life Two years