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        Wuxi Kailai Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
        International business department:
        Tel: +86-510-68726017,68726018
        Fax: +86-510-68726017
        Email: export@kaileip.com
            wendy@kaileip.com Web: www.chaozuo365.com
        Add: Fangqiao Industrial Zone, Yixing, Jiangsu,China
        P.C.: 214264

        About Us
        About Us

        Wuxi Kailai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which is located in Yixing, Jiangsu, is now the large production base for textile dyeing auxiliaries and Citric acid esters(Citrates),Acetates in China; the company now has a number of senior engineers and technicians from many major research institutes for chemical and dyeing industries in China with strong technical force. After years of hard work and development, the company now has been developed to a specialized company with businesses integrating, scientific research, manufacturing and trading for textile dyeing auxiliaries and plasticizers as its leading products. Since its establishment, the company has been always in keeping up with ever-changing market demands based on its policy for management innovation, technological innovaton and product innovation. We always ensure our clients’ benefit with our utmost sincerity, high-quality services including good professional technical advices and instructions at site and other services etc.. With the improvement and expansion of our market, we are always working hard for the continuous and simultaneous growth of both economic and social benefits. Wuxi Kailai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Is always dedicated to the commitment for co-improvement of the quality and technology with operaton guideline of “Win-win cooperation to bring optimum economic benefit to the clients”. The development of the products is always guided by the concepts of low carbon emission, low energy-consumption, simple process and flow sheet, environmental-protection, easy-to –use, raw material orientated and always at the leading position in the market. With the joint efforts of all the employees, the company is now facing new challenges whth a whole new outlook! We are always willing to work together with all friends from all walks of life based on mutual benefits!
        Corporate culture is the foundation of Wuxi Kailai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. After more than twenty years pioneering course, the company has established a platform which the core value is “co-create and sharing success” for cooperation with employees, customers and industry companions. Our people oriented corporate culture have gathered the elite team for Kailai business. The corporate culture is the basic of our company to show its talent , become stronger and stronger, develop fast and run a long time good business.
        On the basis of “co-create and sharing success”, Wuxi Kailai Biotechnology Co., Ltd has formed the thought of developing with clients and “ Morality first; no talent wasted”. The company has put “Identity with Kailai; identity with enterprise; identity with colleagues; self-identity” into the standard of behavior of all the staffs and formed the moral principles whose basic content is “equality; equity; innovation; democracy” and “professionalism; communication; self-discipline” as the basic content of the dominant opinion.
        The company take the pursuit of long-term enterprise value maximization as the corporate instinct and put the goal of the professionalism of employees into the value of human resources development. The ideals of management of Kailai is to create the Business Community and the community of interests. And the company always pursuit customer satisfaction as the value of the business philosophy specification.
        The core of the culture of Wuxi Kailai Biotechnology Co., Ltd is “ morality”; The company emphasize “putting morality into work” and has formed the corporate ethics of “observing law and discipline, fair trade,
        To face the new century business, Wuxi Kailai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. put forward the corporate spirit of "bring progress to the industry and human". We will do our best to make a contribution to the progress of the industry with continuous progressive spirit, create value for society, contribute for the nation and make development and happiness for all the employees.